Title : I'm back! Filey Folk Festival 2017

Well ok, I havnt really been anywhere but gigs have been light on the ground the past few months as we have been welcoming our daughter Erin Jane into the world, so whilst this was her first Filey Folk Festival, I have been playing this great event on and off for the past 10 years.  Radio airplay for my track 'Blue' was the catalyst for getting involved in Filey and its a sure thing I play it there every year...This year being no exception! Filey Folk is a great event, brimming with talent and a great atmosphere. I played the 'Brontes Garage'  stage, a mere gap between building for storage and rubble before stage and festival organiser Ian Kennington had the vision to see what it could be. This great outdoor / indoor stage had a great atmosphere, This year my favourite catch (haha, catch...yes landlubbers thats a sea reference right there....) was  Tom Mason & The Blue Bucaneers

Full of piratey goodness.  I wish that Filey Folk festival happened every weekend, but good things come to those who wait and I'll be updating with further shows shortly.