Thank you Filey Folk Festival 2019 & Cottingham Springboard is still to come......

I’ve been a regular at Filey Folk Festival for many years ...on and of..(I realised I didn’t go last year...and wasn’t exactly sure where the time went ?) Thanks to those who kicked my butt back into gear for this year’s where I was able to play at the Masonic Hall and of course the tried and tested cozy chaos that is the Fox’s Den Stage at The Belle Vue.  

2019 was fab, so wanted to say a big thank you to those that have always facilitated my taking part Ian ‘bones’ Kennington for having me on his stages in years past and getting me into the Masonic Hall on the Sunday run by Emily River Thomson, and Bill Horncastle for the Fox’s Den studio fun and stage!  

Sometimes you play a gig to a lot of people but it feels like you’re playing to yourself, other times you might only play to handful of people but all of them are engaged and engaging. I love Filey Folk for doing both, whether the audience is small or large everyone’s just interested.  I love the wandering between venues with the smiles and nods to all other instrument carriers  hoping to catch each other at some stage. It’s got a really lovely feel so thanks everyone who makes it happen.  

If I didn’t manage to see you play, my excuse is that I was probably removing my 2 year old from screaming ‘MAMA WHAT THEY DOING WHAT THEY DOING MAMA WHAT THEY DOOOOOOING!!! in the middle of your set.  The process of teaching a toddler to be a respectful appreciator of live music is a slow one, but if we get there eventually then I’ll have done a good thing.  More than is managed by many.  

Next up is Cottingham Springboard Festival where Emily has been kind enough to offer me a spot on the Sunday, further details to follow. Next Bank Holiday weekend that’s what’s happening so get all butt’s to Cottingham.  

Someday I may write these regularly. Or at least closer together than the time elapsed since the last..  or otherwise what is the point of the bandzoogle fee I pay for this website. Which, incidentally, needs reviewing, because at the time of getting it I had big plans. Big Idea’s. But in hindsight, there was no need to pay the extra to have an option of 1000 people on the mailing list instead of being ‘limited’ to 100.    There was really no need.  

I would like to thank the singular member of that list, who joined it to Beta test. 


Over & Out