Sunday Session @ The Black Horse

Where are you? 

Black Horse. (formerly Tap & Spile). 

29 Monkgate York YO31 7PB 

What’s it like? 

It’s like being at a mates house for a chat and a sing and a play. Only better, because it’s the pub whoop! 

What’s the format? 

There no mic or stage, we sit about in the front room (in something I try to encourage to be vaguely a circle so we can all see each other but ends up many shapes depending on how full the room gets 😂). Sing a song, pass it on.  Stay and play as many rounds as you like or have the material for 🎶 

Who’s it for? 


If you’re new, and are only just fumbling your way through the odd song you’re welcome to do so here and let us lift you up and encourage you. 

If you’re a seasoned pro, then it’s a place where you can come and play anything YOU like. Although If you LOVE  to play a cheesy cover, we love that too. 

For those of you gigging regularly but feeling tired  of being pulled toward playing ‘what people know’ or what a Fri/ Saturday night audience want to hear, then come down and treat yourself (and us) to whatever you’d like to play. Covers, originals, anything at all. 

Maybe you play an unusual instrument you’re not sure will belong here…it will. We will make it belong. 

It’s a break for the bedroom artist who wants to get out but isn’t sure how, or for those of you maybe wanting to play your own stuff or just songs you love. 

Perhaps you’ve always been the drummer but have a secret stash of songs you quietly work away on and now’s the time to bring them into the light…. 

(Did I mention poets…yes, you’re also very welcome!) 

UNDER 18? You’ll need a parent or guardian and you’re made as welcome as everyone else. We’ve had a few young folk come along with their mum or dad and watched them grow in confidence. 

Well, that’s probably enough said for now. I may write a follow up at some stage to answer such questions as 

‘Why the ridiculously long post’? 

- because I’m a songwriter, and lack the brevity of a poet. Also see below. 

‘Are you desperate for more people’? 

-nope, I love the people we already have. I love a quiet session where we all can get really into what each other are doing…(shh don’t tell the pub) and I love the busy ones where it’s a riot. 

I just want to tell people about what we do, cos I love it. 

And didn’t you say ‘that’s probably enough said for now’ at least 3 paragraphs ago? 

Fair point. 

Parting thoughts… 

Music is something that should be accessible to everyone. If I were asked what our USP is…that would be it.  Bring a friend, or rock up on you’re own and make new ones. 

We’re here every Sunday 4pm to 8pm with Deb Simpson and myself hosting alternate Sunday’s. 

Every player gets a free drink for playing… 

That’s it, that’s us, see you there ❤️ 

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